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第1回ボディー形成学会、フィリピン マニラ 2009/03/06-08

招待講演 Buttock augmentation

■ Buttock augmentation

This paper presents my experiences with buttock augmentation in Japanese female.

The procedure I used for buttock augmentation was insertion of gluteal implant combined with lipo-filling.

The size of the gluteal implant used ranged from 100 cc to 180 cc.

The size was determined preoperatively; the patients placed implants of different sizes under the tight jeans pants and check the buttock projection on the mirror.

Two 5 cm long parallel incisions were made 1 cm apart in the upper gluteal groove.

After making the subcutaneous dissection laterally, the gluteal maximum muscle was divided along the muscle fiber.

A pocket was made with blunt dissection under the gluteal maximum.

Smooth surface oval shape cohesive silicone gel implant was inserted into a pocket.

Fat injection was performed to fill concavity in the side buttock lateral to the area over the gluteal implant.

The donor sites for lipo-filling are lateral upper thigh, medial upper thigh or flank depending on the localization of extra fat deposit in each patient.

I instructed the patients not to lie on a reclining sofa for 2 weeks, nevertheless all the patients develops minor wound dehisce 1 to 3 weeks after surgery.

They all healed uneventfully with conservative wound care treatment in 2 to 4 weeks.

My experiences, which are still limited in number, showed the buttock augmentation was very useful to make a buttock attractive in Japanese.

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